Find a Permanent Nothing

Find a Permanent Nothing



Mountain Is Mountain released “A Quest for Permanent Nothings,” today, a new four track EP out of Geneseo, NY. The project is Dan Lynch’s brainchild, a guitarist and musical engineer of Whale and the Warbler, an uptempo multi-instrumental folk band of Rochester who also recently released an album, as well. However, Mammal Is Mountain’s is different.

A Quest For Permanent Nothings is a similar, but slower album, being prominently acoustic, with finger picks and reflective folk strumming. Lynch wrote and recorded all the songs himself from ” various hallways, bedrooms and one particular garage”, but some members of Warbler help out offering some trumpet, trombone, bowed guitar licks and recorded rain. Additionally, the band is a combination of several friends, but is supported in concert by two other core members Jameson Dunham and Jamie Greene.

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