Intrinsic Has Become Self Aware

Intrinsic Has Become Self Aware

The Subvert Kings are back with their brand new album “Artificial Intelligence”   and they are bigger, louder, and faster than anything they have released before.  This album will have you nodding your head so much your give yourself brain injury.

Subvert is the name Intrinsic has given their new style of rock.  In the bands own words the goal of their music is to ‘dismantle everything and build from the ground up’.  To the rest of us, Subvert is the new face of grunge music taking the best qualities from heavier rock, metal, and punk.

Artificial Intelligence is cleaner and more polished than anything Intrinsic has released before.  Mykel’s vocals seem both belted and distorted as if he is driving himself insane as the album progresses.  The rest of the band shreds to the point where you wonder how their fingers don’t start bleeding at the end of every set.

With Artificial Intelligence, Intrinsic has become self aware.

My only beef with the album is the hidden track.  Intrinsic is notorious for putting hidden tracks on their albums.  Putting a bonus song after dead air might have made sense on cassettes or CDs but in the digital age it is a complete waste of time.  We all know what is at the end of an album when the last song is 11 minutes long.  Just throw it on as a 16th track for the love of god.

Song to listen to: A Little Less Conversation.