Haunting Vocals of Fuzz Daniels

Haunting Vocals of Fuzz Daniels

Listening to ‘One Foot in the Gravy’ was my first experience with Fuzz Daniels.  The album falls into a lot of different categories and is hard to nail down. First impression is a interesting acoustic album with haunting vocals, but that would be over simplifying the music.

There is a lot involved with each song, a  half dozen or so instruments, or computer generated  instrumentals, fill each song, and it takes multiple listen throughs to get a feel for what’s going on. The album as a whole creates an Echoy dream like feel while still coming across as Folk.

One Foot in The Gravy is the type of album you would smoke a joint and stare at the ceiling to. Its good road trip music, songs like Big Dipper, have Santana like guitar riffs that would give anyone a feeling of serenity.  The vocals are what keep me coming back. Fuzz Daniels’ deep vocals are distorted though out the entire album that makes it sound as though he is singing the tunes underwater.