Not Paranoid (Totally Paranoid) We Are Being Watched

Not Paranoid (Totally Paranoid) We Are Being Watched

They say a true paranoid is just a person with all of the facts.  I hate to scare you but everyone should know that they are watching us.

Who is watching you might ask? The government of course. Rochester rates as the fifth most surveillance and watched cities in all of the U.S. We have more red light, blue light, traffic cams, and ‘safety cameras’, than just about any other city in America excluding DC.  Every move we make whether its on the streets or the sidewalks in being watched.  The city that pioneered film has been working hard to make sure everyone one if its citizens is being watched.

Now the city assures us that only about 25% of the cameras are actually in commission, and even those cameras can only be accessed by a police officer or city official.  I have a word for people that believe that statement: Sheeple.

A quick Google search will land you on, which gives you direct access to every traffic camera in the city in real time. If the city only watches 25% of these cameras, they must keep the rest of these on for my benefit. As I write this I am currently watching one individual walk their dog on Park Ave and another pick his nose on Lyell Ave simultaneously.

If you enjoy your movie star status don’t worry, its completely legal. In fact NY Civil Liberties Director, Kaelyn Rich, released a press release along with Tom Richards stating that Rochester Traffic cameras are not only completely constitutional but are a key tool in public safety.  George Orwell is turning in his grave at the mere thought of what Rochester is becoming.

I am not even going to go into the slew of army reservations and companies like Harris that make most of the military’s radio and communication technology in our own backyards. (but they must field test those somewhere)  Think I’m crazy? Wait until another drone crashes into Lake Ontario and we will see who is crazy then.

Until next time, stock up on tinfoil, we are going to need more hats.