Local Blade Flick Released

Local Blade Flick Released

You know what the hardest part about roller blading is? Overcoming the stigma that skating is neither easy nor uncool. The Orchard Blade Flick does just this.

The new film by blader Kris Troyer, showcases the Orchard Blade team as they’ve shredded around Rochester for the past two years. The crew goes big, skating the city, partying and urban exploring on the way.

To the roller blading and skating boarding community, the video is already a hit, premiering last Saturday to a packed house at Marshal St. Bar & Grill.


The video is now online here.

Even if you’re not a rollerblader, the video is worth a watch. It’s great to see how the city’s handrails and monuments can be used in a completely different fashion than they were originally intended, and the urban exploring through out the 36 minute movie is phenomenal.

Troyer also does a good job of including cite centric, repetitive falls, showing just how painful and dangerous jumping and sliding down metal rails with wheels attached to your feet can be.

This, infused with the rider’s personality and Rochester love, makes this a flick to see.