10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Folk Shows

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Folk Shows

We’ve been posting a lot of folk here the Insomniac over the past few months. It’s not because we‘ve jumped ship, it’s because a lot of it has been coming out. There has been a resurgence over the past few years of Folk music, however, it’s not the music that comes in mind when you search “folk” on Google images. There’s more now to the music and style than the Oregon Trail look. However…

10.) You know what to expect.

Going to a Folk show has an advantage: It’s Folk. Good, bad, incredible, either way it’s going to be what you had in mind. Granted, that time can be worlds better than you could have ever imagined, the worst will still be pretty alright. If you’re into Folk.

9.) The music tells a story.

Not to say that other forms of music do not, Folk music’s story is generally straight forward, catchy and a direct result of the human experience. In the same way everyone can relate to blues for once having the blues, everyone can relate to folk for knowing what it’s like to be..uh… folky?

8.) There are interesting instruments.

If you’re tired of the ol’ bass, drum and guitar combo, folk is the music for you. You’ll get to hear trumpets or trombones, violin’s with an upright bass. Further more, you’ll get penny whistles, banjos, harmonicas maybe even a steel drum. Not enough? OK, there are also rubber-band combs, wood blocks, hell, a metal pipe might even make an appearance which will get hit on everything, including the stage. Oh and the stage, the stage will definitely be an instrument.

7.) You’ll know at least one song.

Even if it’s your first time ever hearing folk in your lifetime, it’s not. At some point a band will cover that Johnny Cash song you forgot you liked or some new pop song tried in an old way. Everyone loves a good sing-a-long.

6.) Folk kids can party.

It’s not hard to believe that a style of music that came from wilderness and moonshine leads to partiers. Folk kids yell, jump around, shout and dance to just about anything. Speaking of which…

5.) You can actually dance.

Though you may have thought that the mandatory square dancing in elementary school P.E. class was just a way for the gym teacher to make you feel even more insecure, the classic hand to hand circle juke jive is the mosh pit of folk music. Perhaps his intentions weren’t to prepare you for a life of casual and impromptu partnering but they are alive and well at folk shows and it’s nice that they are. Don’t believe me? Try to ‘have this dance’ at a punk show…

4.) You can look homeless and it’s just fine.

Getting hate for your dirty jeans and pungent odor at a folk show would be the pot calling the kettle a device that cooks food.

3.) Every show will feel like a festival, in itself.

Put a bunch of like-minded people in a room together with a bunch of similar music and you have yourself a good time. Every folk show will take on it it’s own feel, creating a single, memorable occasion for every concert.

2.) There are beautiful girls that like ugly guys.

Before I get hate for this, I’m personally not into girls that shop at the mall. For me, there’s just something about a girl with half dreaded hair, hand made jewelry and ripped leggings that screams spirit, personality, spontaneity and natural beauty. Girls at folk shows will teach you how to love and leave you for some guy who has the same thing. Unfortunately, those qualities don’t sit as well on him. At least you can watch her pull her over-sized flannel back over her shoulder one more time before she leaves.

1.) The music is timeless.

Even though it’s not the Oregon Trail days anymore, the general spirit and feel of Folk is the same as it was and so it will remain. Where rock, pop and rap will grow and change with the next new fad, Folk will be the same thing that got you into it in the first place: a down-home country experience with good vibes and better people.