Dasha – Damned If We Do Album Review

Dasha – Damned If We Do Album Review

Recorded in 2008 and released in 2009 on now defunct Whaleplane Records, Dasha’s Damned if We Do is something of a legend in my eyes. I first came across it in mid-2011, finding out about it after googling the name of my best friend/pseudo-mother Colleen Vasey who performed vocals in the band for it’s existence. I’ve never had the chance to see them perform live (hopefully, but doubtfully this re release leads to that changing), but through constantly listening I’ve formulated the experience in my head, and it goes like this. “Holy fucking shit!”

The musicianship that went into recording this album is nothing short of astounding, from Nick Maynard’s rolling bass, to Vasey’s beautiful, insightful, relatable lyrics of objectification, personal relationships, and hope. The drumming is fucking insane. The guitars embody almost everything I love; math, jangles, and clean tonality. Matt Avery’s production skills are superb.

The only negative I see in this record is it’s relatively short length, it’s left me wanting more so much that I’ve constantly stalked the internet and streets for rumored additional material, live footage, and demos for almost three years. If you’re in for a fucking great time give this record a listen through, you’re guaranteed to fall in love by the fourth track.