The Pros and Cons of Putting Up (Putting Up With) Traveler Kids

The Pros and Cons of Putting Up (Putting Up With) Traveler Kids

There is a very special type of homeless across our country that isn’t homeless at all.  Notably different from you’re average bum; they are young, nomadic, and carefree.  They’re called Travelers.  This alone is privileged information, in that, their culture, movements, style and habits are known only to those that have either traveled or taken a Traveler in.  As a host, you can learn a lot about them, about yourself, and, most importantly, if you’re ever going offer a couch to the Portland bound, dust-mop-like couple and their dog again.  With this information, it’s now up to you.


PRO: Travelers are always cooking meals at your house.  You can always get a hot meal after your day at work.  I guess it wasn’t so bad to let them sleep in.

CON: It’s your food.

CON: It’s all of your food.

PRO: They’ll replenish your stock

CON: It’s of inconsequential things.

“Hey man, I lifted some salt because we used it all on your eggs…  Got anymore eggs?”

PRO: Nothing will ever go to waste.

CON: Everything that went to waste prior will be reused and recooked, and you will at some point you will unknowing ingest dumpster food.  Guaranteed.


PRO: Travelers genuinely like to pay their way.  Having them in your house gets you really cool stuff.  From rocks to backpacks, to awesome clothing and everything they’ll eventually forget or leave behind, a host makes out like a bandit after it’s all said and done.

CON: You can’t pay rent with “hyper-infused crystals.”


PRO: Many Travers move with animals.  They bring dogs, cats, sometimes rats and birds, even lizards, whatever they’ve gotten in their ways.  Not only are these animals, they are “road” animals.  Calm, collected, intelligent pets come out of constant exposure to people and travel.  There’s really nothing like them.

CON: The pets are dirtier than the Travelers themselves.  It’s that much harder to kick a cute pooch off your bed then it is the smelly hippie who shacked up.


PRO: Travelers are generally spacey, yet intuitive people.  If they aren’t reading your palm, they’re reading your wardrobe and speech for contextual clues to what makes your existence.  From getting your sign explained to your own personality quirks noticed and talked about, you will learn something about yourself from an outside, traveled source.

CON: This will be 80% of all conversations had, over, and over, and over.


PRO: If you’re into it, Travelers bring drugs that you can partake in.

CON: You probably don’t want to do the drugs they have.

CON: They’ll use yours too.

PRO: If you don’t often have people to cut loose with, Travelers are good people to get shit wasted with.

CON: That’s all you’ll do.


PRO: Putting up (with) a traveler gets a host Karma Points for days.  It’s good to invest in good.

CON: The Karma Points are in Traveler currency.  The only way you’ll see that come-around is by traveling yourself or going through this entire process again.