Daytripper: A Guide To The One

Daytripper: A Guide To The One

If you’re going to ride the bus, you know what you’re getting into. Or, perhaps, you think you know what you’re getting into. Long waits, awkward stares and sketchy scenes; Yeah, you’ve got it pretty much figured out. It’s true, nobody really likes the bus, yet, there is still some allure to the ride.

In cellphone commercials and romantic comedies, indie films and insurance ads, buses are still iconic in media, and in return, to us. It’s nice to ride a bus home giddy after a great day and not so nice when you have to ride it late for work.  For the former, we have the one for you. The Number One, in fact, Park Ave / Lake Ave.

From Wegmans to the beach the One is your opportunity for a Rochester movie moment, or perhaps a cop drama too, depending on what stops you make.

Let’s just start at Wegmans and ditch the novel writing. Throw on some head phones and know where going. Make the story for yourself.

Heading West on East Avenue and Winton Road, there’s actually a very helpful bus terminal awaiting you and all your recently purchased for-trip goodies. Get on the bus! From Holby, and then to Park Avenue, The first notable stop will be quick, Metro Retro and a walking bridge to Number 1 School. It’s the back end `of Cobb’s Hill, with hike to the Watertowers or the baseball fields in the other direction. On the bus, soon is Culver and into the strip. Abotts, Piranha, Dragonfly, Jines and Frog Pond to just name a few, from the bus window alone you’ll be able to spot a destination to return to because the rides not nearly over yet. Keep an eye. There’s another strip before general Park Ave houses up to the turn.

With a right down Alexander it’s time for all of the East End. From Mex, to Murphy’s Law, to Pearl and whatever else is happening for club goers these days, the One gives you access to a completely different strip only a five minutes away by mass transit. Before the ride slows down in downtown, also note  The Little Theater, Havana Moe’s, Bernunzio’s Uptown Music, or a quick walk to Manhattan Square.

Downtown now, an early wander is permissible. You can stay on the bus, or you could peruse the city. Getting off anytime on East Main and Venturing North West, you can follow the bus line as it would go until it’s right onto State Street. Crossing the river bridge and climbing Orange Park is fun, but all of downtown attractions are not that far away either.

Back on the bus (or still on) down State Street, Frontier Field comes up on your left at the same time High Falls will be on your right. Kodak lingers too. Soon, Lyle lingers as well, notably with a Mark’s Texas hots and several other dive restaurants that look delicious. After a  few more questionable city sidewalk corners and a great Goodwill, Driving Park and Lake will be on your right. Here, at the Rose Garden, you can follow a foot path a way down to the base of Lower Falls. It’s one of Rochester’s best kept secrets.

Still on the bus? Waterfalls not your style? After a drive, another Kodak is on your left and soon on both sides, the beautiful Holy Seplecur Cemetery. More houses, and neighborhoods, all backing up to the river gorge and Turning Stone Park on your right, you could always walk the trial to the river outlet and take the One back home. If not, there are few more strips as Lake Avenue starts to seem like a lake avenue. You’re almost at the beach.

Get off the bus behind Abbott’s and get into your city. About an album on your ipod later, you’ve gone from a urban-suburban bussling corner, through downtown, seeing the finest and divest restaurants and now you’re staring at a Port and a Great Lake. The End. Que credits with emotional music for a night time ride back. Now you know the One.