Don’t Ever Do This: Underage Drinking

Don’t Ever Do This: Underage Drinking

Drinking underage in Rochester is pretty easy.  Personally, I know dozens of teenage alcoholics and winos, their lives committed to the next Genny Ice or 4Loko rather that school, pussy, or sports. They all have various methods of acquiring booze; all of them completely illegal.  Some siphon or outright steal it from their parents, friends and acquaintances.  Some petition homeless to purchase, some petition their older friends.  Some have fake identification, and some stores don’t even bother carding.  In some cases the youth brew their own alcohol, using inexpensive pharmacy home brewing kits that can be purchased without identification.

There are several tricks for drinking at bars underage. You shouldn’t do them, but if you wanted too…


1. Snag an empty beer bottle from a back table and take it to the bartender.  Don’t look like a kid. Politely ask for another with empty bottle in hand. Pay with cash.

2. Ask an over age friend to order a drink for you. Meet him/her in the bathroom.  Pound it or pour it into the soda glass you’ve already acquired.

3. Know the bartender, promoter, bouncer, or bar owner. Talk to them like pals before ordering a drink.

4. Go to dive bars but don’t hit the bar immediately. Go to play pool, make friends with the regulars.

5. Order a drink that an underager wouldn’t order. Gin & Tonic / Vodka rocks. Avoid things like Manhattens, they’re too obvious.

6. Keep multicolored sharpies and wristbands on your person at all times. Mimic marker swipes.

7. Ask to have wrist bands at the end of the night and save them. There are only so many colors and styles to go by.

8.) Get a mark from a bar next door, try to show that you’ve already been carded and approved.


1. Go to a gas station after hours (late evening.)  Quickly pick out what you want.  Buy it.

2. Go to small mini marts.

3. Don’t look or act underage, buy beer casually with other purchases.

4. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

5. Steal it.  Don’t do this.  It’s illegal.  If you do, don’t get caught.

6. Buy drinks that could be construed as juices. Act shocked when you are carded, offer your ID anyways.

7. Go to stores in “shady” neighborhoods.

8. Don’t be a pussy. Confidence will win you a drink before tricks.