Ink and Anxiety

Ink and Anxiety

So when did you start drawing?

Talia: When I was about 5 or 6 my aunt got me a big portfolio and told me to do a lot of work she said I have talent.

Do you prefer painting or sketching?

Sketching any day; I really like pens, permanent stuff not even pencils.

Do you use art as an outlet?

Yeah, it’s my only outlet.  It’s the only thing I got going on.

Have you ever got part way through a sketch or a painting and absolutely hate it?

Yeah most of my stuff.

Do you try to salvage what you think is a “lost cause” or do you just scrap it?

I’d say like 50% of what I do I scrap, I just throw it out.

A lot of your paintings and sketches are really dark color wise is this purposeful reoccurring theme or does it just happen?

Both, I’d say sometimes it just happens because it’s just the way it is and that’s how it started and then it became a theme because I realized people related to it and enjoyed it.

Do you feel like your personality is reflected well in your artwork?

Yeah, like the blacks and whites and the extremity of it.  Like how it’s so extreme.  What you see is what you get until you look deeper into it.

What other artistic mediums have you used other than painting and sketching?

Clay, charcoal, digital graphic art and stuff like collaging, anything scrap related like magazine cut outs, watercolors.

How does your anxiety affect your artwork?

That’s a tough one.  Its more like a survival thing, it’s like if I want to make it to the next day sometimes it’s just what needs to be done.  The fact that it’s successful and people enjoy it and it sells is just a perk.  It affects it a lot I’d say it’s the main part.

Do you feel successful?

Not even in the slightest, not even a little.  I don’t know what its going to take to feel successful but you know if it’s feel-able I want to feel it.  It’s hard to sell because I am not selling prints I’m selling the originals so that’s the only copy in the world.

What have you done to push off your artwork like internet, coffee shops etc?

This is the thing I’m so bad at.  I’ve tried doing Facebook pages for it, I’m just so fucking lazy its so bad and I just don’t want to get up and go to coffee shops and sell stuff, I’m really afraid of rejection and I’m afraid people wont like it and I get up and go there for nothing.  I work like 60+ hours a week usually so its kind of hard.

Do you think your art has helped to lessen your anxiety?

No.  It’s kind of like it is what it is.  Its like if you were constantly vomiting or had dysentery or something the art is like a bucket for it like to catch it so it doesn’t get all over the floor its not going to stop the vomit but it stops it from the getting all over the floor it stops it from becoming a problem.

I wanted to ask you something about being a starving artist but you have a job

Even when I didn’t have a job I wasn’t starving, I mean there was some hard times like coming across art supplies or getting something that you really needed but I always had food, it’s emotionally hard but I’m not necessarily poor.  I have a pretty good job and I got some pretty good things going for me.

So you feel like your artwork sometimes puts an emotional drain on you?


How so?

When you’re done its kind of a relief, it’s hard to explain.  Before I go to bed even when I have work in the morning I still try to write something out or whatever.  It just takes my last bit of energy if you see them they’re very intricate and a lot of tiny detail work.  It’s exhausting.

You wouldn’t believe it but a lot of these only take about four hours.

Wow!  Really?  What’s the longest you ever took to complete one piece?

A couple of days.

Was it because it was draining or you got stuck?

Sometimes people like to do stuff to finish something just to finish it, I like to make it perfect if that means waiting a day I’ll do that its hard but yeah.