Eating For Free

Eating For Free

Freeganism is alive and well in Rochester.  There are a number of pantries, churches, soup kitchens, doughnut shop, supermarket dumpsters, and parties conveniently located across the city for your needs.

I. Pantries

There are sixteen food pantries located within city limits, most of these you can just show up to during distribution periods and you will receive essential non perishable foodstuffs such as rice, bread, peanut butter, potatoes, cereals, oats, and evaporated milk at no charge.  At some you may need to register, but many this is not necessary.

II. Churches

A number of churches provide free food (and occasionally wine) before, during, and after services.  A number of churches also run pantries and soup kitchens.

III. Dumpsters

It’s absolutely disgusting how much food that supermarkets throw out.  Blemished produce, post-best buy date bread, juices, organic products, crackers, chips, canned goods, and hundreds of other things on a daily basis.  You can eat like a pig out of a doughnut shop dumpster.  Every night establishments such as Dunkin Doughnuts and Brueggers throw out their stock from the previous day in order to serve fresh goods.  Just because something is 12 hours old doesn’t mean it isn’t edible.

IV. Parties

For over six months I survived from party pillaging.  Pizza, chips, nuts, burgers, salads, etc.  What you do is you attend a party every night, eat all you can, and pocket as much as you can once you’re full.  Beer is nicknamed liquid bread for a reason.  This technique is also effective in becoming a drug addled alcoholic

V. Food Service Connections

For almost a year I survived because of my connections in the foodservice industry.  Consistently I would acquire free Pizza Hut, sandwiches, and coffee.  I would get a free large pizza and eat a quarter of it for breakfast, a quarter for lunch, and half for dinner.  If your goal is to build mass than this is the method for you.  It’s extremely unhealthy, but it gets food in your stomach.