Album Review: Doctor Who EP

Album Review: Doctor Who EP

Local Chiptune artist BC Likes You has just released his new project “The Doctor Who EP” on Dadstache records.  For those of you new to Chiptune, the genre combines eight bit video game vocals with electronica played to the cadence of a garage rock sound. The result is a unique and highly danceable sound.

BC Likes You is a staple in an emerging scene that is mixing music with retro video game sounds.  Armed with only a guitar, two Gameboys, and a vocoder (vocal synthesizer), he creates a sound that is both nostalgic and new all at once.

“The Doctor Who EP” if you haven’t guessed yet bases all of its songs of references from the popular British show. Four Knocks pays homage to a recurring omen that often signifies the Doctor’s death.  Bad Wolf’s lyrics detail the Doctor’s companion relationship with companion Rose Tyler and the EP’s final track entitled “The Last Centurion & The Girl Who Waited” is a nod to the latest season’s companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

The style of chiptunes already lends itself well to a sc-fi theme and BC Likes You makes referencing popular sci-fi seem like not just a good idea, but the next logical step.  The EP itself has a really nice arc to it for only being three songs.  Four Knocks quickly draws you in with a heavy symphony like guitar riffs mixed with danceable beats.  This goes right into Bad Wolf, probably the most up beat song on the EP that will keep you dancing.  “The Last Centurion & The Girl Who Waited” finishes off strong with poppy lyrics and a great beat.

The album is available at BC Likes You bandcamp and Dadstache records.  It’s “name your price” and is a good addition to any playlist.  A poster of the album art is also available for $5.


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