Album Review Signs of The Times

Album Review Signs of The Times

Lets face it, if you haven’t heard of Mosaic Foundation there is a high possibility you live under a rock, or have yet to venture outside of your house to discover sunlight.

Mosiac Foundation has been dishing out reggae and good vibes for years, playing more outdoor festivals each summer than I care to name. They recently have released their third studio album “Signs Of The Times”, and if you are a fan of feel good music and dancing this album will not disappoint.

Released in December “Sign Of The Times” is a follow up to their last album “Do Right” and keeps up the spirit from previous albums.  Its feel good lyrics and meditative grooves make it perfect summer time dancing music.  Its lyrics preach peace, love, and helping one another would melt the heart of any curmudgeon.

With it being released as some of the coldest months of the season come upon us, it acts as a great escape to keep you happy until Rochester thaws out.

Song to Listen to:  Helping Hands

“Signs Of The Times” is avalible on their website as well as Bandcamp for $10

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