Other Bridges that Look like Rochester’s

Other Bridges that Look like Rochester’s

The Frederick Douglass–Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge is a symbol of Rochester. It’s in our “One City” logo, it’s in the background of  every news agencies’ broadcast and it’s probably the most photographed thing downtown.

This is all well and good. It’s a nice bridge. However, like many things that we think are revolutionary in Rochester, it’s not. Though not all are “Triple Steel Arch” like ours, there are several dopplegangers across the country, and, no they’re not on the postcards, either.

Some are small and rustic:

Clarno Bridge (Wasco County, Oregon) 1975

Some Span bigger rivers:

Fort Duquesne Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) 1959

Fort Henry Bridge (Ohio County, West Virginia) 1959, 1990

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge (Ohio County, West Virginia) 1978


Broadway Bridge (Pulaski County, Arkansas) 1923


Some don’t seem to span anything…

Braceville Bridge (Grundy County, Illinois) 1939-2000


Some are by big cities.

 Fort Pitt Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) 1958, 2003


Some are just bigger.

Missouri River US 77 Bridge (Woodbury County, Iowa) 1983


And there are even a few more smaller.

Eddyville Bridge (Ulster County, New York) 1957

Bobtail Road Bridge (Gilpin County, Colorado) 1999


Some have their own doppleganger.

Page Avenue Bridge (St. Louis County, Missouri) 1999

Speer Boulevard Platte River Bridge (Denver County, Colorado) 1999


Some are artsy.

Berkeley East Shore Pedestrian Bridge (Alameda County, California) 2002

Center Street Bridge (Polk County, Iowa) 2010


And some are just uncanny.

Neville Island Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) 1976, 2008

Gateway Bridge (Davidson County, Tennessee) 2004

Edna M. Griffin Memorial Bridge (Polk County, Iowa) 2005
(All information gathered from BridgeHunter.com)