Doc Baker’s Traveling Musicicological Extravaganza

Doc Baker’s Traveling Musicicological Extravaganza

Doc Baker’s Traveling Musicological Extravaganze isn’t just a mouthful they are also a new local band with soulful vocals and powerful guitar licks.

Well at least when I say new, I mean new to the area.  DBTME has been performing together since 2006 while living in Connecticut. Their new album “Alleluia Maybe” is their second studio release, but their first in Rochester as the band moves back to the Flour City.

“Alleluia Maybe” was recorded in Fredonia all in a matter of three days. We spoke to Ben Baker, lead singer of DBTME, about the recording process:

“We were essentially just jamming with the mics on.  There is a rawness, immediacy , and a clarity of purpose to the record that I think [our previous album] “Friends and Outlaws” lacks because it was recorded piece meal over the course of six months. Fredonia is my hometown, and the place where I get my best work done.”

Calling themselves a traveling musicilogical extravaganza seems to fit, many of the songs focus directly on traveling or places travelled. One track, “Excelsior” is a direct talks directly about coming back to New York. Songs such as “Watertown” and “London, Turn Your Lights Down Too” speak directly about traveling and the impression the places travelled leave on you.

“Whatever style I’m working it, be it prose or poetry, or lyrics, I am obsessed with places and the way the location effects the experience” Ben  explains “Part of the reason my move back to Rochester has been so powerful is because it gets me back in my homeland, which is something I have appreciated everyday since.”

“Alleluia Maybe” is avalible on Bandcamp as a digital copy. Expect to see a physical copy and addition artwork released later this year.

Download Here