Well Isn’t That Lovely? Inner Loop Water Park

Well Isn’t That Lovely? Inner Loop Water Park

One of things I have been looking forward to in this New Year was what our new mayor, Lovely Warren, would tackle first.  Would it be a plan to attack the painfully high poverty levels, or the crippling crime and murder rate of the city?  Would she further her rallying cry of believe to empower the poor and the underprivileged with new plans to revitalize downtown?  With so many possibilities on my mind I could hardly wait to see where our city was headed.  So when the news release popped up on the Rochester City Government website Thursday morning, I jumped at the chance to read it:

“Today on Connections with Evan Dawson, I referenced the possibility of a hotel/indoor water park complex to be built in the vicinity of The Strong Museum of Play. The working concept – which is in the very earliest stages of discussion – would be to develop an indoor water park to help Rochester become an even more family-friendly tourist destination. Rochester already has so many wonderful places to visit and opportunities for families to have fun including The Strong, Rochester Museum and Science Center, the Susan B. Anthony House, the Seneca Park Zoo; as well as beaches,  recreational boating on our glorious waterways, biking and hiking paths, parks, professional sports teams and more. In addition, Rochester is a centrally located base for day trips to destinations like Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes. With the Governor’s new focus on tourism and the potential for development associated with the filling in of the southeast portion of the Inner Loop, I feel this is an idea worth exploring and I have in fact had very preliminary discussions with a developer experienced with this kind of project.”

Now Lovely Warren has been getting a lot of flack suggesting a water park downtown, ranging from picking a terrible location to just plan wasting the city councils time with this proposal, but I don’t see anyone’s problem with this.  Sure I would have liked to see her ideas on supporting small businesses, expansion of youth programs, or even just her input on city development in general. But hey its her first 10 days, baby steps people and last I checked water parks are a blast.  In fact waiting in lines at Roseland Water Park was my favorite pastime growing up.

If you are against water parks you are against happiness in Rochester. Which means you are a bad citizen. It doesn’t matter if the plot of land is infeasible, or if the design is an enormous waste of city money. It doesn’t even matter that at the time of her announcement, Rochester was in the middle of -3 degree weather.

It doesn’t matter because the sound of one child’s laughter is payment enough for wasting 8 acres and millions of tax payer dollars.

I just can’t wait for the next announcement where Mayor Lovely Warren promises a new born puppy for every family for four.

So many possibilities.