Aminal House

Aminal House

Food fights, accidental horse deaths, waring with neighbors and toga parties? Probably not at Aminal House, well maybe the toga parties. The band Aminal has a house in Rochester where the group plays music, makes fun, poppy tunes and, admittedly, tries to find themselves in the the precess.

Their four song EP SHADOWS sounds like a classic Motion City Soundtrack album with slightly newer synthesizers and vocal progressions. It sounds great, but we decided we had to ask why.

Aminal: When the band started there was a big desire to capture a child like, hyper energy that all of us, in our early to mid twenties, felt we were losing due to the post-college social pressures that occur around that age. The name “Aminal” pretty much embodied that feeling for us.

They continued.

Aminal: At the time the band started we were all doing music that was more serious. Ian Leonoard was playing in an experimental/alternative rock band called Memphis Green, I (Matt Battle) was producing a lot of electronic music heavily influenced by artists like Flying lotus and James Blake and Matt DeWaters was doing a lot of acoustic folk music. I think all of us at the time saw Aminal as an escape, or rather as a way to rekindle that young, playful energy that can easily be neglected as you mature as an artist.

The band has had some member changes and this has also brought a new direction with the the current line up being Matt DeWaters, Chris Potter and Kamara Robideau and Matt Battle.

Aminal: Lately we’ve been pushing and experimenting with different ways to expand our palette and include a wider range of sounds and musical ideas. We all so badly want to know where its going to go next and we’ve talked many times about it, but truthfully we’re kind of letting the music decide for us. We’ve stumbled upon this current sound which people know us for and I think we’ll continue stumble into new territory. All I can say is were still growing as people, musicians and a band and our newer music will most definitely reflect that growth.

This may mean some changes.

Aminal: I think at this point we’re headed in a new direction but we still want to keep things exciting and moving. That being said, I think we’ve overdosed on the idea of simple, hooky, fast and energetic. You can only eat so much candy before you get sick.

But how has living together in the house actually added to all of this?

Aminal: It’s been great. We were all a little hesitant to do so but quickly realized it was the best way to move forward as a band. Its definitely the hub of all things Aminal. Recording, writing, rehearsing all occur at The Aminal House. When we first moved in over this past summer things were pretty rowdy. I was recording the local band “Buckets” EP and we became extremely close with all of them. We definitely had a blast this summer. But since then things have slowed down, especially since the winter has hit. Its nice though because it forces you into a more introspective place where we can write and develop our music.

Animal’s EP realese party is Friday, January 24 @ The Bug Jar