Isn’t That Lovely? Why getting Caught Speeding Doesnt Matter

Isn’t That Lovely? Why getting Caught Speeding Doesnt Matter

Lovely Warren and her bodyguard/uncle got pulled over yesterday going 97 down the thruway. Long story short they were let off with a warning. Now frankly I could go on some triad about her pulling her status as mayor to get out of trouble or her just being unsafe or blah blah blah. Or I could joke that her uncle’s defense was simply “He thought he was exceeding 80, but absolutely not 90.”

But I won’t, it bores me to do so.  If you have lived in Rochester, or any city, for more than six months, and haven’t realized that public officials take care of their own, then you are a moron.

Instead I wonder what is going through our Mayors head right now.

Lovely Warren, you have already shown a dim understanding about what is ahead of you, the body guards prove that. You will probably be the most scrutinized mayor in recent history.  This has partly to do with your race and gender, because even for being a Democratic city we have a lot of old racist white bastards who will do anything to turn our first black women mayor into a living joke.  This also has partly to do with the Richard and Duffy hold outs that thought you won just because their voting base was too lazy to vote during the primaries.

But mainly it was because this latest mayor election was a weak one.  None of the candidates seemed that appealing, so coming out victorious in a lack luster race proved nothing to us.  The first few months of your term is not a grace period.  These first few months are not when people are going to pull punches because you are “new at this”.  This is when you prove to us that you can handle this cultured rust belt of a city called Rochester.

You are running a city that loves to hate and be critical about itself. If you think that reporters, radio hosts, bloggers (such as myself), or general social media ass holes wont try to pick your bones clean with every little scandal that comes out then frankly Mayor, you are a moron.