Setiva is Back

Setiva is Back

After almost a year hiatus, Setiva is back, and their shot across the bow to mark their return comes in the form of their new self titled sophomore album.

Released on December 14th, Setiva contains eight songs of fast heavy groove metal.  Melodic vocals with heavy guitar and bass, Setiva puts out the type of energy in their music where you just know that the shows are a wild ride. If the sound isn’t enough to get you going the lyrics are enough to get your blood rushing. With songs like “Recoil” and “Karma” each seems to be a warning call to not be fucked with.

The band, which has been together since 2005, has been putting out self described “raw aggressive groove metal” for the better part of eight years, building a bigger and bigger fan base with every show.  We asked the band how it felt to be back: “After a year hiatus we came back and all of our fans were right there with us; which we are incredibly grateful for. We are looking forward to the future.”

The Album is $10 and is available at their shows.

Songs to Listen to: “Karma” , “Roc City”

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