It’s the Spring for MAYBIRD

It’s the Spring for MAYBIRD

Josh Netsky is back with another album, but this time it’s different. It’s not Josh Netsky anymore, it’s MAYBIRD. The latest configuration of Netsky’s backing band, after five years of playing together, has come together under one name ready to start writing… on the next album, sort of.

Netsky explained.

“We’re in a total transitional phase right now. We haven’t really written anything [together] yet, we’re going to start doing that. But so much of the sound on this album was contributed by the band that it made sense to release it as a band album. They all wrote their own parts…all contributed sonically.”

“They,” of course, or “band” is an understatement.

The new MAYBIRD, is composed of Sam “Overhand” Snyder on guitar (Thunderbody, Pro Jam, ect.), Kurt Johnson on pedal guitar (Moho Collective, Pro Jams, ect.), Mike Schuler on bass (Poetry For Thieves), and brother, Adam Netsky on drums ( Netsky band O.G, N.Moore, film and art extrodinare). Just by changing the name, MAYBIRD is kind of a super band now, but don’t write off Netsky, either.

A singer/song writer around the city for a almost a decade, making an album for him is like making a play list and go to the studio. Which, Down & Under sort of was.

“It was basically a collection of songs that I wanted in the album and placed them in an order that I think that works.”


Down & Under does what it says. It goes up, down, up, a little more up and down under even more. It’s its a another synth-folk wonder land and flowing psychedelic lyrical journey that Netsky has created over the years. Though he’s soft spoken, he stands out with his incredible ear for song development and story line, Exploring multiple styles while keeping his own.

“Musically, that’s whats going to change,” he started. “We’re going to be writing and arranging more together, we’re going to do more instrumental stuff. I think; I hope…I want to write some more guitar songs, some more exciting kinda stuff.” Netsky continued.” “More up beat, stuff that you can dance to or just stand and go [highly] ‘ whoa, that’s ultra flanger.’”



[Article from previous issue. Down & Under came out late summer, 2013]