Rapping since he was six, producing since fourteen, HiriiTheHuman has accomplished more than producers twice his age. His newly debuted mixtape “808sAndAstralTapes” is the next chapter in his hip hop career.

Released January 1st, the third album Hirii has released shows a new style and approach. The lucid beats mixed with ridiculous and unique samples create a dream like state. This album almost forces you to question your sanity and reality along with Hirii and his crew.  The samples are so warped and full of feedback that it creates something akin to an acid trip.

The subject matter seems to fit the new feel of the music. An over all theme could be peace, love, and plenty of drugs. The drug theme is a little more prevalent that any of his previous work, which could explain the high inducing beats. With hooks like “Lets all dress like hipsters and smoke green until our lips turn black” Hiriithehuman is literally inviting you to tune in, light up, and space out with his new album.

Songs to Listen To: Luciddreamtheatre

Price: Free Download

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