Heavier Than Heavy

Heavier Than Heavy

Through Lifeless Eyes is new to the scene but still making waves. There first release ‘Monster In Every Man” can only be described as heavy heavy metal.  This band seems to find the perfect metal sound and then add to it.

Rochester has metal has a distinct attitude and energy to it. Through Lifeless eyes not only channels that energy but adds their own character to it.  Their mante seems to be “drop it lower, no lower! Now heavier!”  They play an octave lower than any metal band I have heard before.  The drums alone sound like a machine gun going off.

The amazing thing is that the album was recorded by the lead vocalist Jon Davis. We spoke to John about how he created such a crisp first album: ” For vocals I was able to make some good presets that sounded consistent across the songs. With the album being so heavy and loud, it was difficult if anything to prevent clipping.  I also had some problems with frequency fighting.  Before the final mix some things were hard to distinguish, but with an EQ spectrum and good headphones I fixed it for the most part.”

For being so new to the scene Through lifeless Eyes has blow me away.  I can’t wait to see more from this band.

Song to Listen To: Ashes of Kings

Price: $4.20

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