Grunge Rock Birthday Bash

Grunge Rock Birthday Bash

Comedown starts 2014 strong with the release of their third album, “The Birthday Album”.  Comedown started in 2005 as an experimental studio project conceived by Phil Tharp.  Soon after, Archie Bauer joined in on bass/drums and a few years of recording and perfecting a sound, the interest was higher than ever to take Comedown from the studio to the stage. Difficulties with sustaining a bassist and other issues including lack of funding kept the band mostly inactive for another couple years, but now with a full line-up they released their newest album under Cat On A Log Productions and are back to playing shows.

The album gets its festive name because each song is based on a specific person. If you get the physical copy, the birthday of the subject in question is next to each track.  Each song definitely has its own feel to it, though with song titles ranging from “New Age” to “You’re Dumb” its tough to say whether having Comedown writing a song for you is a honor or insult.

Comedown’s own style of subvert grunge hits a wide range of sound. Songs go from quick yell your face off rock to serine drony songs.  Even the slower songs still manage to maintain a certain energy.  The band is finally in full force, playing perfectly off of each other, a great album to add to your rotation.

Songs to Listen To: You’re Dumb