Fast Alien Punk

Fast Alien Punk

Green Dreams is a femme fronted fast punk rock band founded by Trevor and Jesse Amesmith.  We met up with Trevor and Jesse to talk about vinyl, their next tour, and recording on a minidisc.

Green Dreams recently dropped down to two members; what was the reason behind that?

Trevor: Dave Rodriguez, our original bass player, accepted a job at Bart College so he is moving in a week.  He is a film archivist so he’s going to be working at a film archive for the school.  He was with us since the very beginning when we started two years ago.

Jesse: Phil’s a plumber and a hard-working man with a home.  We want to go on tour and he isn’t always available, so right now it is just the two of us.  We have always done all of the song writing between the two of us.

Trevor: We just kind of decided to jump off the deep end and start recording by ourselves.  We are booking a tour in April and recording a new 7” in February; being by ourselves makes it a lot easier to keep moving.  We will eventually find a new bass player.

“Sweats” was your full-length vinyl right?

Jesse: Yes, it was our first vinyl release.  We put a tape out previously called “Pain Don’t Hurt.”  We ran out of physical copies but it’s available online as a free download.  We put that tape out ourselves.  We recorded it on a mini-disc player in an old basement and did it all in one day by ourselves.  “Sweats” was recorded by Ben Morey and was put out by Carbon Records which was awesome.

The first EP was recorded on a mini-disc?

Jesse: My dad gave it to us for Christmas that year, so we decided to record our first songs on it.  We recorded a few other things, but getting it off a mini-disc player and onto anything else is real difficult.

Trevor: It’s like 140 megabytes on a disc and only does 16 minutes per tape; it was real tight.  You have to record all eight tracks simultaneously.  It’s no time at all, but luckily I think the demo is 15 minutes with no breaks in between.  I am not an engineer by any means but I do have some experience with recording so we were able to put something together.

Who did the artwork?

Jesse: Mike Turzanski did the artwork.  He is our favorite; he did a bunch of cool pictures of us and we want to kamikaze shoot a quick music video with him soon.

Do you have a favorite place to play?

Jesse: Anywhere.

Trevor: Anytime we play a house show it is always the best.

Jesse: We played a house show where the floor literally collapsed.  The whole floor shook when the bands were playing.  People were jumping off of the banisters.  It was wild.

Trevor: We find ourselves playing at The Bug Jar a lot.  It’s good.  We have fun.

Jesse: We have a lot of fun playing in Buffalo.  It’s fun because it is a really different type of scene; people seem a little friendlier there.

How does the song writing process go?

Jesse: I write all of the guitar parts and Trevor plays every instrument, (bass, guitar, a synthesizer), so he will show me a riff and we work on it together.  I will have a melody in mind or a way I want to structure a song and we build off of that.

Trevor: We listen to a lot of music and a lot of different types of music so we are always messing around with songs.

Jesse: It all comes from trying to write the best song we can.  It comes from both of us pretty equally.  I have a mini voice recorder so if I have an idea I can just record a snippet of something and then go to back and work on it later.

Trevor: Since it’s just us at this point we go to the practice space at least three times a week.  It’s a perfect opportunity to keep creating.

How big is the tour you guys are planning?

Jesse: We are going to do an East Coast and slightly Midwest route:  Albany, Boston, Providence, New York City, Philadelphia, somewhere in Ohio, and then Buffalo on our way back.