What Have We Done?

What Have We Done?

Goodbye Ronnie’s “What Have We Done?” isn’t necessarily for everyone, the complex walls of emotion and arpeggios, guitar solos and vocal harmonies supporting the record are virtually impenetrable, unless of course you’ve “been there” before.  It brings you on a musical journey through a particularly lonesome breakup and the downs and downs that accompany it.

This release is an ocean of unadulterated sorrow, similar in likeness of Keaton Henson, Dan Mangan, and Sun Kil Moon, but entirely different at the same time, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  “What Have We Done?” begins with “Only Because,” the first of ten sad, soulful ballads, each flowing into each other in a fluid of mellow sound, and ends with the shortest track on the album, “Unwillful Inflictions,” leaving the listener with a glimmer of hope as the last note is struck.  It all fits together like a carefully crafted jigsaw, the guitar solos, the acoustic and vocal harmonies, polyrhythm, and plucked notes.

“What Have We Done?” conveys a feeling, a hanging sensation that hits close to home.  It meshes and melds to create a feeling much bigger than the music itself, brooding, dark, lonely, and uplifting (in a personally apocalyptic sort of way) all at the same time.  “What Have We Done?” is a great album for the final days of winter and the thaw to follow, or any day you can’t quite bring yourself to be.
“What Have We Done?” was released in 2012, and was recorded by Ronnie Lickers, Melody Calley, and Lisa Schmitz, Meghan Cameron, Brian Mason, and Adam English

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