Diners You Can Drink At

Diners You Can Drink At

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Busy Bee Restaurant


A diner that looks like the 1970’s and charges like the 1990’s; I was sold by outside and in love at the counter.  With an 89 cent egg and cheese on an English muffin special next to a neon Budweiser sign with the first words of my waitress saying “You’re hot”.  Yeah, this is a place for me.  With diner prices the way they should be ($2.40 for a cheese burger, plates for 6, fries for $1.80) the Busy Bee can quickly become a place where you spend more money on beer than food.  But then again, that can be a lot of places

Red Front


Less of a diner that you can drink at and more of a check cashing liquor store that also has amazing food, Red Front boasts itself as the realest store in Rochester.  Real People, Real Food, Real Prices.  To translate, that’s good people, great food and cash only.  My day will go something along the lines of: cashing a check, buying a beer, ordering an egg sandwich, cracking that beer, playing Quick Draw, buying cigarettes, and picking up my order at the end of the line.  Then, depending on the day, buying liquor next door and starting the day.  Though, as a group, hanging around could be fun.

South Wedge Diner

The least questionable of the three, the South Wedge Diner is known for being the diner in Swillberg that isn’t the Highland diner.  They have a full beer, liquor and wine selection, but I always find myself getting early morning mimosas after a long night of drinking everything but those.  The staff is great and if you don’t’ live under a rock, you’ll know someone eating there, as well.

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