Reintroducing The Results

Reintroducing The Results

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After over a year of line up changes and rocky starts The Results are back in the studio and ready to take over the city.

So you are working with Nasty Records for the upcoming album.  Who approached who when it came to recording?

Ben Toland: I was meeting with Nate (from Nasty Records) every week to develop his business plan.  We were working on an event and he just asked if we were ready to record.  I asked the band if they wanted to start recording; they said yes, less that four days later he was at our practice spot ready to go.

Corey Layton: I don’t even think I believed we were going to record.  We spent the first night just feeling everything out.  Once that happened it helped us get focused and start producing.

Do you guys think this was the best time to record?

Kristian Snowden: Yes hand down.

Bryan Flanagan: It was less the question if we are ready for this in our head, but more a matter of this that this album is past due.  It felt like we were ready before but not until Corey joined the band that we realized that we are ready.

Corey: I remember when I first joined the band everyone came up to me and asked when the band was going to record.  That’s how I learned about this band; it wasn’t for the band members it was from the fans that would come up and ask questions about the future of what we were doing.

I kind of realized all of a sudden that this band has been playing songs so long but the only time people have been able to hear their stuff was at shows.  That’s when it was cemented that we needed to get something recorded

If Nate approached you 5 months ago would you have said yes?

Ben:  We would have said yes, but the end result would have been completely different.  The stars aligned for this and everything came together at the best time to take advantage of this opportunity.  This has been the elephant in the room that we have to put bullet in the head of to keep going.

Was Nasty Records a good fit?

Bryan: Nate puts a lot of work into what he is doing.

Corey:   Just knowing Nate Davenport from recording with him you could tell all he is doing is mixing and recording; that is how he lives.  He is on vacation and pissed he can’t be working on his record label right now.  He just wants to get back home and not do anything for himself just mix and record local music.

Ben: He wants enough money to eat regularly, pay rent, and that’s it.  Any extra money that he gets goes right back into the music.

Corey: What we are getting from him is quadruple, sextuple, what we are giving him.  He is willing to give so much to what we are giving.  What people are going to hear is what exactly what The Results should be and more?

How much of the album is from your original “Don’t Screw Up” EP and how much is new?

Corey: two of the six songs from the EP we don’t even play anymore the other four are on this album; so seven songs haven’t ever been recorded.

Bryan:  Most of the songs are the ones we have been playing at shows.  So it is great to have those songs recorded.  Many of them are indicative of what we are as a band now so I am really excited to see them on.

Ben: We have spent a lot of time crafting the track list and figuring out exactly what we are going to do and how the album is going to sound form top to bottom.  Nate has such an ear for music that what’s going to come out of it is going to supersede even what we are expecting to get out of it.

How has the song writing changed over the last year?

Bryan: I feel like we just getting a chance to write as a band.  Early on it was one of us coming to practice with a song that was basically done; the rest of us would just help finish it.  Now we have a group of people that aren’t going anywhere, so we can work things out together.  It makes everything, if nothing else, more honest.

Ben: It was a mad lib before.

Corey: Black Confetti was the first song that showed that we could write a song together.  We were at our weakest point as a band, all kind of looking at each other and asking if this was the end.  Bryan brought up the idea of doing something new, instead of just rehashing all of the old ideas.  I said we should create a song on the spot.

Ben plugged in and started playing, I got behind the drums and started playing, Spencer started playing all of these crazy riffs, and then Kristian laid down bass line that I had never heard him play.

Kristian: I was high as a kite.  Fuck cloud nine I was on cloud 14.  I was high as a bitch, I saw visions of Hendrix.

Corey: The day Bryan put lyrics to black confetti was the day my perception changed on the band.

Spencer Curtis: Leaving the space that day I felt amazing.  It wasn’t just another day of walking out of practice same old same old.  I left that night with a smile on my face that would not leave.

Corey: we write for ourselves but we also have this Rochester family that really seems to get what we are putting out.  Now we still write for ourselves but it’s with them in mind as well.

All of theses songs tell a story whether it’s our band or other bands, that’s what I love about this record.  I listen to these songs and while some of them were written when I wasn’t in the band, I look at it and this record captures an era.  What ever comes after it will capture something different?  This album is a time capsule to what’s going on now.  This is going to be the story book for our fans.

We have talked a lot about changes so far, has there been anything that has remained consistent since your first show?

Ben: Genesee Beer, and Red Bull

Bryan: That’s an interesting question because our history is riddled with change and turmoil and obstacles.  What ever comes out of this band is directly due to all of the circumstances that we find ourselves in.  We will never be dealing the same things throughout our lives.  A lot of things change, a lot of things have changed or will keep changing.  Our music will keep changing as well.

Spencer: That almost the point of The Results is that it constantly changes.

Bryan: Up until now only change was constant, for better or for worse.  Change will always happen, but now it will be more directed and focused change.  I think we are in a position to control some of the change instead of just taking punches as they come.  It will be interesting to see where these couple weeks take us.

So what is next for The Results?

Corey: Now even looking past the new stuff on the album, we are all moving forward collectively.  Its not just individuals working on songs, its all five of us in a room saying this is what we want to do.

Bryan: We are finally firing on all cylinders we can finally go forward and make something without having to constantly trip over ourselves or re-teach ourselves the same old things.

Spencer: We finally have a well oiled machine and now we got to get going.