Uninformed Opinions: Food Trucks

Uninformed Opinions: Food Trucks

Food trucks are slowly becoming a staple of the Rochester community with 7 currently operating in the city limits as well as the city sponsored “Food Truck Rodeo” Rochesterians have found themselves succumbing to what I consider to be a full blown “Fad”.

Their origins are said to have begun after the civil war around the time of the American westward expansion, apparently hungry settlers demanded over priced gourmet cheese sandwiches be made available at certain points on their trip towards the Pacific.

When the settlers had finished eating their meal the wagon would be off to the railroad track layers, and at night it would be strategically parked in front of the town salon/whore house.  At the time the settlers came to call them chuck wagons.  I can only assume because a guy named Chuck started the first successful chain.

This concept has taken many names over time such as the Mobile Kitchen, Roach Coach, and finally today’s manifestation the Food Truck.  Food Trucks are not just popular in Rochester or America, but they are becoming a “thing” world wide.

A notable part of food truck culture is that most business owners tend to name their business’ after some type of bad pun.  I don’t know if they do this on purpose or if people are actually amused by this.  Personally I do see the appeal.  And that’s part of the reason I have never eaten at one, here are the others:

Strike 1: The Lack of a Drive Thru or Other Accommodations.

I am supposed to walk up and wait in line next to a truck to get food I have to eat standing up?  I almost died at the Corn Hill Art fest trying to eat a double red osier roast beef standing up a month ago, why risk it I say.  Plus they make you pay the same price for food I could be sitting and eating in an air-conditioned restaurant.  You know, a nice one with a table cloth.

Strike 2: They don’t deliver.

So let’s get this straight it’s a TRUCK that has food, prepares food, and I got to go find it?  If I owned one of these things I would take a lesson from the ice cream truck (which I happen to patronize on a regular basis).

If a BBQ truck came thru my neighborhood ringing a bell every afternoon at 2pm I personally would be worth some word of mouth and a couple of pulled pork waffle cones a week.

I don’t like the idea of having to go hunt for lunch I feel like we should have evolved past that as a society, granted food truck hunting is limited to twitter and not roaming the forest with sticks I still don’t like it.  I am considering actually hunting them…I bought a spike strip and a 15 foot steal chain…in case I see one on the inner-loop

STRIKE 3: I Unfairly Assume Everything Tastes Like Gasoline Fumes.

Let me reiterate I have never eaten at one so I can’t say for sure.  All I know is that if I was going to run a substandard eatery I would put it on wheels specifically to keep one town ahead of the health inspector (who’s car I would sabotage Smokey and the Bandit style it will be really funny, especially the outtakes!)

I digress, People seem to really enjoy them so, I guess that this is all unfounded speculation in my mind based on paranoia and a generally negative disposition…my friend Kevin says their food is really good and he is the one who turned me on to game of thrones, so I trust him…but frankly I don’t know where they park these things at night

Your Pal,