Shoot To Thrill Podcast Makes The Move To Television

Shoot To Thrill Podcast Makes The Move To Television

Vinnie Paulino has been building the up the Podcast and radio community with his website (He has been helping Local Vocals and putting up with our shit since the beginning) That’s why we are happy to announce that his own show “Shoot To Thrill Podcast” will be making its move to late night television. Its fourth season premieres tonight on WBGT channel 18 at 12:30.

We caught up with Vinnie to talking about podcasts, the new look, and making the move from audio to Television.

For those who haven’t seen the show what is the premise of the show?

The whole show is really just a compilation of all of our lives mixed in with some silliness.  We generally have a mixture of people come in, we never have the same cast on every episode.  So to say its about anyone thing or person would be inaccurate. Sometimes I will tell a story sometimes Marcus (our news guy) has something to say. Generally it is a room of buffoons who like to make fun of each other while we talk about our personal lives.

Are you still sticking to the same formula you used when the show was a podcast?

Absolutely, but when ever you move an audio medium to a visual one there is going to be some change. No one wants to watch us sit around and talking into microphones for two hours. What we are trying to change up is how we present each segment we do.

For example our corner stone bit is the “Creep Off” so we had to figure out how to make Creep Off into a visual production. We can now show people the mug shots of these people and videos of the arrest or news segments.

The way we kept it very casual is not giving anyone on the show any information of what is coming. That is our number one principle and we are going to keep it as we go to TV. Even though there will be more production behind it we want to keep the spontaneity.

The hardest part so far is keeping the integrity of what we are doing while making it visual. For example when we did the Creep Off I would describe the guy and people would have to run across the room to see what the mug shot looked like on my computer, now that we are on TV I cant have them walk across the studio to peer across the desk. Those are just stupid little things that you don’t think about and kind of creep up on you.

Another challenge is how to fill the time we are doing a lot of shows a week. We have always had segments even though we typically are free form. Much like Curb Your Enthusiasm, we start with a shell of a script and flesh it out as we go.

How do the new skits you are recording fit into the new layout?

We are taking a bit from Saturday Night Live, I have always wanted to do some sketch comedy stuff and we are all comedians we have been putting together a lot of parodies.  I don’t want to give away too much but the parodies you will see are the first thing when you tune into the show.

Do you have to have to cut back on the vulgarity now that you aren’t uncensored anymore?

Yes and no, our show has been traditionally very vulgar, we usually say all of the things you cant say on television. We are on at 12:30 at night so there are words that can fly.  We all just have to be more conscious of we can and can’t say, thankfully we can bleep words.

Who would you dream guest be?

We try to keep the show local so I would like to have Lovely Warren come and talk to us.

Why do you keep the show called Shoot To Thrill Podcast now that it is a TV show?

We still post the episodes like a podcast on our site every week the TV aspect of it is just an extension of what we already do. We are still going to call this season four of the show.

Podcasts haven’t taken off on the east coast as they have on the west coast. I own and you still have to get people used to the concept of podcasts. Really good shows aren’t just on television or on the radio, there is plenty of shows right here locally that are great entertainment.

Check the show out 12:30 tonight on WBGT channel 18

Show airs 12:30 Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays  with a best of compilation episode 2am Saturday nights called “The Hangover Edition”