The Grainy Pop Punk of Brother Keep

The Grainy Pop Punk of Brother Keep

Brother Keep is a pop punk band from Buffalo, NY. They have 2 EPs, and a full length which can be found here. You can also find them on Facebook at

It appears that the music video was recorded as the band recorded the song (or around the same time because I would think that maneuvering a single camera around a band that’s recording would be challenging, especially in 2:36.) Grainy angled shots and pans seem to frame the setting of the home studio, casual and fun. Smiles across everyone’s faces, except of course the Kraftwerk-esque looking keyboardist, who doesn’t appear to have a part in this song, so he remains statuesque and blank faced until 1:29 when he appears to lose his shit in an apoplectic fit that would be fitting for Andrew W.K.

The music is reminiscent of “Your Favorite Weapon” era Brand New, which I can see shares certain themes with this song, that being a hateful love triangle. The song also carries a couple mathy bridges and half times.  (That’s a breakdown for you HXC kids.)

This video, released on March 17th as a teaser for their latest self released EP, “For You and Yours” which was dropped on April 30th to Bandcamp. It doesn’t appear that they have any local shows coming up, but you can keep posted with their Facebook page.