The Main Menu

The Main Menu

A common complaint is that there is never enough to eat downtown.  With this guide you have a complete guide to all of the main street restaurants from Chili Ave to Winton Rd. Enjoy.


Metro Mart Grocery – 170 E Main St

The place to go for breakfast sandwiches or burgers while waiting for the bus line up, our recommendation: shave steak breakfast sandwich for about $3.50.

Busy Bee Restaurant – 124 W Main St

A diner that looks like the 1970’s and charges like the 1990’s, I was sold by outside and in love at the counter. 92 cent egg and cheese on an English muffin special next to a neon Budweiser sign with the first words of my waitress saying I’m hot. Yeah, this is a place for me. With diner prices the way they should be ($2.40 for a cheese burger, plates for 6, fries for $1.80) the Busy Bee can quickly become a place where you spend more money on beer than food. But then again, that can be a lot of places.

Mitches – 529 E Main St

Mitch’s has become a good place to get away.  It’s never packed, nor loud, and usually filled with good people you can catch a quick laugh with during a lunch break or before a morning shift.  Whether it’s corned beef, eggs, and grits for $4.50 or a chicken sandwich for fries for $3.50 its amazing diner food all for under $5.

Jim’s Restaurant Too – 785 E Main St

Jim’s Too is the type of dinner that will make you want to get early for breakfast.  The two meals that make this place unique are the “Late Riser” 2 eggs, potatoes, meat, toast, coffee, and juice for $3.95 and the “Texas Breakfast” Corned beef, hash, eggs, toast, and potatoes covered in BBQ and meat sauce for $5.50.  Both are great for shaking off the previous nights hangover before catching your first shift.

Green House Café – 2271 E Main St

A unique coffee shop at the end of East Main St the main area sits under a solarium with a wood fire stove keeping the shop warm. Greenhouse café is partnered with Coffee Connection, a non-for-profit organization that sells fair trade, organic coffee and focuses on sustainable living.


Galleria Pizza – 16 E Main St

Galleria pizza not only has the standard pizza shop fair, Brooklyn style single slices, stromboli, and wings; they also have an extensive specialty pizza section.  They are also the only place downtown that has a guilty pleasure of mine: haggis.

Hot Rosita’s Mexican Grill – 17 E Main St

With a menu ranging from 2 for $5 tacos to huge burritos for around $8, Rosita’s is the place to go to get your Mexican fix no matter how much is in your pocket.

Byblo’s Café – 9 E Main St

If you are as addicted to Mediterranean food as I am, Byblo’s café is a no brainer for lunch. Freshly made sfiha, falafel, and pitas are standards on their menu. They also have ‘Pita Pizzas” a Mediterranean take on personal pizzas. I suggest the Carchofi Pizza, Pesto tomato sauce topped with artichoke, roasted red peppers, olives, and mozzarella.

Nick Tahoe’s – 320 W Main St

The home of The Garbage Plate not much needs to be said about Nick Tahoe’s that isn’t already known. The place has been serving up meat sauce smothered goodness since 1918. At the very least you need to go there to pay your respects to the place that invented your favorite drunk food.

Everything Iz Good – 551 E Main St

Cheap Caribbean food, Everything Iz Good is the place to go when your looking for jamacian standards such as jerk chicken, ox tail, and curry goat. If you are looking for a quick bit the place has some of the best beef patties in town for $2 a piece.

Cravings on Main St – 158 W Main St

Open until only 2pm, Cravings is a perfect place to grab a quick bite for lunch. The menu has a huge menu of specialty sandwiches, soups, and salads all fresh and made to order.  What sold me is their breakfast menu which is available for delivery, they offer a huge selection of breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and bagels all ready to be sent right out of your door. No need to even get out of your fuzzy bunny slippers.

1872 Café – 431 W Main St

A cozy little coffee shop with a twist. Each day they have brilliant lunch specials that ranch from pull pork sandwiches to corned beef and cabbage. For history buffs the location of the café is also where Susan B Anthony voted illegally in support of women’s sufferage.


Golden Unicorn Restaurant- 466 W Main St

A Main st residents place to go for Chinese food. The Golden unicorn is a contender for some of the best Chinese food in the city.

McFadden’s – 544 W Main St

Located a block away from a fish market, McFadden’s is one of the best fish fries in the city. The food melts in your mouth it is so fresh. The course is served right with homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw, corn fritters, hush puppies and greens.  McFadden’s is also open until 1pm and delivers all day, making it a perfect way to finish off your night.

Aunt Rosie’s Italian – 350 E Main St

Aunt Rosie’s isn’t your average pizza stop. This brick oven restaurant cooks meals that will remind you of your own aunt with homemade gnocchi, filling paninis, and huge dinner pasta specials that simply make your mouth water.

Shui Asian Fusion – 236 University Ave

Not your standard Chinese take out place Shui specializes in Thai cuisine.  The Pineapple Coconut Fried Rice and Dumpling are standard favorites, but if those don’t catch your fancy , shui has a full menu to fit any taste.

Captain Jims – 2329 E Main St

Easily overlooked at the end of East Main, this fish market has a great cooked food section and has some of the freshest food in town. Its take out only and all of the food is served on plastic plates and utensils, but its seafood done right. Captain Jims is quaint, old fashioned, and absolutely delicious.

Drink Specials

Legends – 120 E Main St

Located below the Radisson Hotel, Legends is the sports bar to go to before or after Knighthawk and Amerks games. This bar also is the location of the Parties After Dark show series during the summer.

Richmond’s – 21 Richmond St

Located at the corner of Main and Richmond St. with a neon sign that simply reads “Sorry We’re Open”, Richmond’s is a good neighborhood bar most associated with cheap drink specials and live jazz music. There food however is nothing to dismiss. My personal favorite is the Fire Starter, a cheeseburger loaded with habenero relish and onions.

Caroll’s Bar and Restaurant – 1768 E Main St

The Guinness is fresh and on a good night the merriment is infectious. Caroll’s features the classic irish pub foods as well as a great fish fry.

Ellison’s – 2300 E Main St

A great bar with a mixture of classic bar food such as burgers and sandwiches mixed with less traditional finger foods like homemade hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and shrimp po boys. Their wings are excellent and Ellison’s continues to be a good place to grab some wings and watch the game.


Mr. Doug’s Deli Southern Meats – 934 W Main St

Located at the far end West Main St Mr. Doug’s is one of the best places in town for southern meats. Perfect place for sous meat, liver pudding , hog head chease, cracklin , and any other food that reminds you of down south.

Wenjanah Groceries – 1236 E Main St

Located across from the Fedder Building, Wenjanah serves up standard Bodega food that city residents have come to expect from any corner store with both a deli and a beer aisle; cheap burgers, cold cut subs, and fried chicken covered in Boss Sauce.

East Main Express – 1522 E Main St

An Ethio-American bodega with a hidden treasure in the form of a great fish dinner and fish fry.

Hometown Hots and Groceries – 1893 E Main St

A local grocery store with a pretty expansive deli and hot foods section.