The Whiskey Soaked Blues of The End Men

The Whiskey Soaked Blues of The End Men

Based out of Brooklyn, The End Men have been spreading their own version of Americana across the globe for the better part of five years. There sound is the type of bluesy rock you would expect to hear in a smoke filled dive bar somewhere off of the thruway. The new EP “Odds and Ends” is no exception.

Released on April 30th the “Odds and Ends” features five previously unreleased songs written while the band has been on the road as well as new versions of hit singles “Work” and “The Wolves”.  The will entice both old and new blues fans alike. Matthew’s raspy voice sounds like he has been gargling gravel and bourbon since the bands inception in 2010. With truly unique drumming and warped guitar the duo puts out a powerful sound for a two piece band.

The album is available for download for $7 on their bandcamp.

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