Avrid’s New Albums Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Avrid’s New Albums Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Arvid, previously Fuzz Daniels, recently debuted his sophmore album “Old Factory”, the new album offers a new evolution of Arvid’s unique sound. In production for the better part of a year this thirteen song EP features tight guitar solos that blend perfectly with ghost like vocals and a good dose of feedback.

The distinct distorted vocals still make an appearance throughout the whole album but as a whole “Old Factory Living” is much crisper and noticeably more upbeat than his first release “One Foot In The Gravy” . The Santana like guitar solos, which are the musician’s strongest feature, are much more prominent creating a pop rock feel to the album.

As a one man band, Arvid does an excellent job of blending multiple instrumentals to create a full band sound. That being said I would be interested in seeing how the music translates to a live performance.  But whether live or listened to on a computer Arvid’s songs contain hauntingly beautiful guitar that will send a shiver down any listeners spine.

Song to Listen to “Don’t Need It”

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