Well Isn’t That Lovely?!

Well Isn’t That Lovely?!

Today, Mayor Lovely Warren engaged in her first mayoral triathlon.

Her first act was releasing the city’s proposed budget, an amount close to five-hundred million dollars; 1.7 million of which anticipated to go towards the demolition of dilapidated buildings and such, another five hundred thousand dollar prospected to go towards the Inner Loop transformation project, a 2% property tax increase, which means, in layman’s terms, “get ready to pay more rent.” (Richards did the same during the first year of his term.) \

This budget fails to name much of the educational spending that she campaigned on. However, she is soon traveling to Florida for a conference involving charter schools. She seeks to find an economically friendly method to boost revenue for the ongoing renovations for schools around town. An additional one hundred thousand for street cleaning, ninety five thousand dollars towards recreational centers, and one million, four hundred thousand towards the Beechwood and Driving Park/Dewey ave neighborhoods are also proposed. This remains a proposition however, we will have to wait and see what the final approved budget is in the near future.

It was a Lovely descent…

She entered office with a thirty-seven million dollar gap, reduced to twenty-eight million by postponing ongoing projects. One project not cut in any ways is the fifty million dollar RTS terminal opening this November, which will raise transit costs among riders traveling from one end of the city to another.

The second act of her triathlon involved bicycling from City Hall, to the First Federal Plaza Building, a whopping 322 meters. This was for the inner city Boy Scouts of America troupes. It is noted that she did not in fact use a bike lane.

Bridging the gap.


In the third act, she courageously rappelled down the side of the First Federal Plaza building, taking great care and grace. Just kidding, she was lowered down on a glorified winch to safety below, the roof of Bergmann and Associates. Also descending were Spike of the Rochester Red Wings, The Moose of the Rochester Amerks and Jeremy Cooney, chief of staff for city government. To participate in the “rappelling,” those involved had to donate a minimum of one thousand dollars to the Boy Scouts of America. Well isn’t that lovely?!