More Mass Hysteria from the Tarants

More Mass Hysteria from the Tarants

Taking their band name from Tarantism, a term used to describe a mass hysteria that causes unstoppable dancing, The Tarants might not be the ideal band to dance to but their music will definitely fuck with your brainwaves. Their new album “Old Season” releasing May 20th is a welcome addition to any rock fans library.

The album’s first track “Come with Us” starts off fast and heavy reminiscent of their first self-titled release, but after that the music slows down considerably.  The band has shifted more towards the lo-fi pop sound with crooning vocals over eerie distortion and sound bites rather than the hard rock Smashing Pumpkins like sound of their previous album.

The charm and originality of this band really has emerged with “Old Seasons” with dark lyrics such as “I’m a psycho killer” on the “Superman” track sung in a calm collected voice throughout the whole album you might start to wonder if this trance like music is one big subliminal message.

Overall the heavy synthed instrumentals mixed with unique samples and serene vocals create a feeling reminiscent of an absinthe binge.

Song to Listen to: Cost of Competence




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