Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

Rochester has a music scene that allows you to see a different show every night. Here are seven bands that you do not want to miss this week:

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A Rochester Black Thrash Super Group containing members from Nokturnal Hellstorm, Malformed, and Cthulhu. PLaying June 3rd at The Bug Jar

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A crazy folksy seven piece, Paxtor never disappoints when you see them live. Playing June 4th at Bug Jar

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Sunny Union

Also Playing June 4th at Bug Jar, Sunny Union creates a revivalist folk sound that hearkens back to a simpler time when we lived off the land and didn’t live in large cities.

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Mulu Lizi

A straight forward rock band that likes to sing about aliens and zombies, Mulu Lizi will be playing with Six Ways to Sunday, Blue Lazers, And Parkerhouse Road at Firehouse Saloon June 6th.

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Mikaela Davis

Mixing harp and voice into a wonderful lo-fi melody Mikaela Davis will be playing a first friday event at Small World Books

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The fur wearing, history singing, barbaric metal band will be crushing skulls at Jesterfest 4 this Saturday.

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Highest Leviathan

Savage psychedelic rock from beyond the pale, they too will be at Jesterfest 4 this Saturday.