He Told You He Was Serious

He Told You He Was Serious

Zach B is a relatively new artist that has made a splash with his latest mixtape “I Told You I Was Serious”  released on Sound Chemistry 101 earlier this year. We met up with Zach to talk about how he got into rapping, what he is working on now, and how he writes his music.

How did you get into rapping?

I started rapping back in highschool, I did a song for my friend who had passed away in a car accident. It was a big deal, it affected not just our community but everyone around us. I just started writing and it opened up the creative pathways in my brain so i couldn’t stop writing after that. The song actually was on the radio and the news, I guess it just made me start rapping or at least writing.

When I went to college I didn’t write for a while then my buddy Dylan Tracks had some beats and we put a bunch of the stuff I wrote to his beats. I was just a writer, I had no flow, so the songs turned out awful, but Dylan kept pushing me to get back into it.

Did you play any music before that?

Besides being terrible at the saxophone in the 4th grade? (laughs) No. I have always had a love for music but I guess that just made me take music into my own hands.

So how has your latest mixtape  “I Told You I Was Serious” be received so far?

Its been received pretty well. I am still in progress in becoming a better artist, I have been only doing it for about a year. I am not at my full potential yet but I am working hard and I think people recognize that through the tape. It has gotten better received that I thought it would have been.

Working on new stuff now?

I just started working on new music since the tape dropped. I have four songs written down now so im just getting them recorded now. I hate having too many songs piled up I just want to get them done.

What are your influences?

My main influences are Eminem and J Cole, also Drake. I just love their music and their stories about how they came up. I listen to their albums and just get inspired.

What do you like to write about?

Whatever I am feeling honestly. There are some songs I just want to write really in depth and there are other songs I write about relationships and problems that I have gone through or I have watched someone else go through. Its whatever sparks the inspiration, I try to be as diverse as possible.

When you write do you start with a beat or lyrics first?

That was the problem, I had always just used to write before and tried to force it onto the beat. Now when I write I write to the beats to get a better feel for the melody.

You are working on a music video currently want to tell us about that?

We are in the process of making a couple videos now. There were a couple singles that were well received on the tape and I want to add visuals to it. The songs are going to be “Drive Me Crazy” which is a club dubstep type song and the song “Lonely Nights” which is about a song about a woman who is self hurt an explains her story.

Do you notice a difference in the music you created for the first mixtape and the music you are creating now?

Honestly I thought the mixtape was good, but the stuff we are doing now will blow it out of the water. I want to get progressively better with each project I do, that is the main goal when doing anything like this.

What do you think of the local hip hop community here?

There is a lot of talent in this city, the only problem I would say is that we could be a lot more supportive of each other here. we can all shine together but i understand it is a competition. At the end of the day it is all a game its about who plays it better.

Freestyle vs written word?

Written all day, I am a lyricist at heart I am no good at freestyle.

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