You’re Going To Have A Good Time With This Band

You’re Going To Have A Good Time With This Band

Picture yourself in a small venue, possibly a house show, cheap genny in hand, dancing to a care free band on a warm summer night, thats exactly what you can expect to see when Scope and Figure steps on stage.

If you haven’t had the chance to see them live yet don’t worry just yet because they have something to hold you over. The four piece indie band, made up of Thomas Varner, Mike Fisch, Andy Spitzberg, and Eric Chubinsky, have released their debut EP earlier this year.

Titled “Really Good Time” the name of this five song ep seems to say it all. Even with lyrics that range from a farewell song to forgetting a girlfriend the Minus The Bear styled hammer ons, upbeat tempo, and crisp vocals will always have you feel like dancing. The overall sound is a mixture between math rock and punk and has a feel that everyone can get behind.


Download the EP here