Rotten Review: Ivy’s Panic Room

Rotten Review: Ivy’s Panic Room

The First time I saw Ivy’s Panic Room i wasn’t impressed. I saw four young kids that didn’t really “wow” me in any way; Just another pop punk band but with a random rapper. Then I went to see them a few months later and got to know them and their story. When I saw them this time, I paid attention to what they were really doing; needless to say i was blown away.

These kids had energy and stage presence that i somehow overlooked the first time I saw them. They were tight and energetic from the first song to the very last. Ivy’s Panic Room’s front man Gary is a melodic and technical yet heavy guitarist that sings with such emotion that makes you feel how he felt writing each song. Energetic bassist Ian and drummer Mitchell, hold the band together nicely while making it easy for their keyboardist Xav to rap over a few songs. Xav is a great addition to the pop punk band, playing keys, singing beautiful backup vocals and rapping over the fast paced sounds of the band. Don’t sell these guys short.

They aren’t just another young pop punk band of young kids. They aren’t just some weird sounding band that tries to incorporate rapping for no reason. They are a breath of fresh air that gives me hope for a younger generation of bands to come. Ivy’s Panic Room has turned me into a fan in only a few times of seeing them.

They are currently working on a new EP be sure to look for it, and next time you see them on a bill for a show make sure to check them out.

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