Full for $5: Dogtown Hots

Full for $5: Dogtown Hots

Rochester is obsessed with hot dogs. Red hots, white hots, Zweigles, meat sauce, Boss Sauce, Sal’s, the list goes on for days. Whether it’s the food cart dog with the worlds or a classic with cheese and meat sauce, everyone has their preference. In this Rochester Dog Town Hots on Monroe Ave has rose to the Mecca for hots lovers across the city. If you haven’t been there yet it is time to make the pilgrimage.

Dog Town Hots has something for everyone in their menu. From classics like the Cincinnati Red Dog (chili cheese dog) and German Shepherd (sauerkraut, onions, mustard) to more far out combinations such as the Greek Strray (tzatziki, tomatoes, onions, kalamate, olives, pepperoncini, feta) and the Hawaiian Poi (pineapple, bacon, BBQ sauce). With eighteen specialty dogs, you are sure to find something you like. I myself have been working my way through the specialty menu, trying a new one each time I stop in. Plus, if you are a vegetarian ten of the combos can be mixed with a veggie dog to make a full vegetarian meal.

You never walk away hungry either. Most of the hot dogs are so loaded with food I find it hard figuring out a way to pick them up. If you are like me and refuse to use fork and scissors when eating hot dogs, be ready to create a mess. The best part is the whole specialty menu is under $5, the most expensive hot on the menu is $4. If you are not into hot dogs they have a range of other options also under $5 including ruebens, burgers, melts, and chili, making Dog Town Hots one of the most expansive Full for $5s on our list.

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