Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

The Highest Leviathan


A super heavy band from Rochester. Screaming vocals backed by the dark and loud sounds of the band.  An amazingly loud and fierce sound for a three piece. They will be playing at the Bug Jar Monday the 8th for Oz’s Birthday Thrash, with Midnight Ghost Train and Tail Light Rebellion.

Del Paxton

Del Paxton from Buffalo is an indie, alternative emo band with a pop punk twist. All of their songs are written extremely well and are played so tight. Lyrically they are top notch and the vocal backed by the technicality of the band is perfect. Del Paxton will be at The Bug Jar on Tuesday the ninth with Laura Stevenson, The Hotelier, and Little Big League.

The Demos

The indie pop band is a melodic sounding force of highly talented musicians. The Demos have a very nice sound to dance or rock out too. Every song they have a lot going on with each instrument, vocals and backup vocals yet they come together in the most perfect way. The Demos will be playing at The Montage Music Hall Bear Hands, CHAPPO, Skirts, and Machine Gun English Tuesday the ninth.

Harmonica Lewinski

Low-fi Rock band Harmonica Lewinski mixes an old school rock sound with a garage psychedelic punk like sound. The grooving rhythms put into a more gritty form sets the band apart from most. Put all that together with a phenomenal live show and you have Harmonica Lewinski. They will be at Skylark Lounge for El Destructos Art and Music Takeover Friday the 12th.

Ivy’s Panic Room

Ivy’s Panic Room is a young pop/punk band that incorporate a rapper. This band is a breath of fresh air for the younger generation of bands coming up. They have a very tight sound and fantastic lyricism. They always put on a high energy show that shouldn’t be missed. They will be at The California Brew Haus with Mulu Lizi, Sutherland, Astronauts Wanted, and Ron Mclntyre. Saturday the 13th.

Common Purpose

Common Purpose is an intellectual, lyrical rapper. He has a very interesting fast paced flow. Clearly influenced by underground artists like Eyedea, slug, and Yak Ballz. His flow and intellect combined with DJ Bake$ale’s beats makes him stand out from other local hip hop artists. He always puts on a great high energy show that he puts his all in. He is playing Saturday the 13th with Vervain, Rose Hip. and Obscured Surrounding at the MPV Community Space for R.O.A.M.’s Music Melt vol.2.

Soviet Dolls

Soviet Dolls are a synth pop, alternative group that melds the electro-pop trance with an indie alternative sound that makes a beautiful sound. Hypnotizing synth beats, incredibly lovely vocals, and indie style guitars make the music. Every song takes you on a trip you’ll never want to end. Not to mention the light show during their live shows. They will be playing with Broods and Admirers at the Bug Jar on Sunday the 14th.