Bar Style: Niary, Tap and Mallet

Bar Style: Niary, Tap and Mallet

Tap and Mallet asks that staff dress head to toe in black so I was fortunate to meet with Niary on her day off. My blonde friend hails from the happy sun-land of Los Angeles, California. Her style is a stark contrast to the natural gloomy disposition of Rochester.

 I arrived to our interview early and ordered my first drink. A Syracuse brew, the Empire IPA, was my choice. Low price, medium alcohol content, and supporting a local company is nice too.

Niary arrived shortly after with beer exam study notes in hand. She ordered her current favorite brew, the Allagash Saison. We talked briefly about our favorite beverages including the Old Rasputin Imperial IPA from North Coast Brewing Company. Favorite wine: a Spanish jungle juice combination of Pinot Noir and Coca-Cola that is chugged, not sipped. Niary insisted that this drink is only to be enjoyed in a very private setting.  Is this how orgies start in Spain? In collaboration with Rasputin’s mystical and infamous dick that never quits; I think everyone involved should wake up very sore in the thighs. …And pregnant, very very pregnant.

Enough about orgies and booze, we’re here to discuss fashion!

Niary’s bohemian style was inspired by her mother’s loose knit shawl. She generally sticks to soft natural, tan, and earthy colors. “They work well with my skin tone.

Here’s a breakdown of the look:

Shoes: $8 thrifted from a shop in Melrose.

Pants: $69 BDG Ultra High Waisted Skinnies (Urban Outfitters)

Watch: Casio

Costume Jewelry: Thrifted, Forever 21

Price of Look: $$$$$

How does she get by with such a pleasant Californian look here in the center of curmudgeon land? With a thick skin, “I get made fun of for dressing like a hippie” Nairy half joked. Luckily our local South Wedge weirdoes are what keep her here, including her most beloved Tap and Mallet regulars like Bob Hannah; who sat at a bar stool that donned his name on a plaque.

To end the interview we both enjoyed our own bottle of Old Rasputin. The high alcohol content had me stumbling down South Avenue to raid Mise en Place for a grilled cheese on sourdough. Worth it.