Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

Abandoned Buildings Club

The psychedelic stoner metal sound of Abandoned Buildings Club is definitely something not to miss. Speed changes, heavy riffs, spine shivering drums, and melodic vocals that can change to a hellish growl in minutes. This bands music can only be described as a good trip turned to a hellish nightmare back to a good trip. They will be playing Tuesday the 16th at The Bug Jar with Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, Witch Mountain, and Hedersleben.

Talking Under Water

This four piece has a huge sound. Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Cello to bring you a perfect indie sound of beauty. This band is full of emotion and they will make you feel it with their music. Talking under Water will be playing at The Bug Jar with Small Houses and Big Fred Wednesday the 17th.

Cult Classic

Cult Classic is young indie rock band, but don’t let their age fool you, they are a tight band. All great musicians that sound fantastic together. Every song is full of energy and they put on a great show. They have great vocals and a band that backs them up without flaw. They will be playing The Bug Jar with Sleepy Hahas and Black Ribbon Thursday the 18th.


Death metal at its darkest Woodhaven is a technically skilled and hardcore death metal band. The bands speed and technicality meshed with the wide range of vocal screams and growls make Woodhaven a staple in the Death metal scene. They will be playing The Montage Music Hall with Aggressive Betty, Ackrid, Age of shadows, and Cosmic Sea Friday the 19th.


Hardcore punk down to its bare bones. Aristakunts are raw and in your face. They are true Rochester rotcore punk. Super fucking punk rock. Did i mention they are fucking punk as fuck!!! PUNK PUNK PUNK PUNK PUNK! They will be playing at Monty’s Krown, which is punk with other awesome punk bands like The Grinders, Total Fucking Bummer, and The Emersons on Friday the 19th. PUNK!


Abhor is a Rochester metal/death metal band. They incorporate many time changes and insane  technical riff work, great drum work, a huge range of vocals and keys to add samples. Abhor is a very complicated yet magnificent band that use their skills well. They will be playing with Within Creation and Divinex at the montage Music Hall on Saturday the 20th.

Patrick Jaouen

Patrick Jaouen is a singer songwriter. Lyrically he is highly talented. He uses things he has been through to write a beautiful emotional song. He will be playing Boulder Coffee on Sunday the 20th