The Rotten Review: Black Ribbon

The Rotten Review: Black Ribbon

It was a long drunken day at the Brew Haus during Endless Fest. Every Band was fantastic, but one stood out to me among the rest. That band was Black Ribbon.

This band that only started a little over a year ago yet they are still so tight. They bring back that old school pop punk sound. The Nineties skate punk style highly influenced by NOFX, Bouncing Souls, or even old Green Day. Black Ribbon’s songs are full of catchy power chords, easily chantable choruses, and shredding guitar solos. Melodic songs with lyrics full of angst and played with full energy, Black Ribbon puts on a rad live show.

Guitarists and vocalists Jason and  Brandon switch on and off through different songs to give you a different feel for each song. While Adam kills it with fast and tight bass lines, their new drummer Shawn Mabb was the final piece to the puzzle to create the perfect Black Ribbon sound. Black Ribbons high energy shows and insanely catchy hooks make them a band you will not want to miss. They will be putting up two new songs very soon on their Bandcamp. Check them out at their Facebook and be sure to catch them next time they play. Hop in the pit and have a good time because Black Ribbon will put on a great show every time you see them.