Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

Get your local music fix his week with these seven bands.

Dirty Pennies

You won’t want to miss the alternative/blues rock stylings of Dirty Pennies. This duo has a huge sound and are well rounded musicians. They take the classic blues style and bring a modern, alternative take to it. They will be playing with Daily Grind, Obscured Surroundings, Ivy’s Panic Room, and Low Flying Planes at The California Brew Haus on Monday the 22nd.

The Branch Davidians

The indie rock, shoe gaze, noise pop sounds of The Branch Davidians is something beautifully original. Melodies that are easy to get lost in teamed up with the shoe gaze noise pop music will leave anyone blissfully impressed. Their fantastically written lyrics are sung magnificently with male and female vocals together. They will be playing with Blue Falcon at the Bug Jar Wednesday the 24th.

Into The Harbor

A five piece Metalcore band that incorporates heavy growls, shredding riffs, highly intricate drumming, and perfectly placed clean vocals to make a perfect hardcore sound. Into The Harbor has a huge following and works incredibly hard and it shows in how tight their music is. They will be playing at The Montage Music Hall with Boulder, Murder in Rue Mourge, Apparatus, and Careless Downfall, on Friday the 26th

Pseudo Youth


Pseudo Youth is a hard rock band. Every member is a great musician. Shredding solos, growling rock vocals, killer riffs, thumping drums and tight bass lines make the rock outfit that is Pseudo Youth. They will be playing Friday the 26th with Blanco Diablo, Dark eyes 55, and Mulu Lizi at The Firehouse Saloon.

Pony Hand

Pony hand is a garage/punk band that just kicks ass. Female vocalist and killer riffs this band puts on a hell of a show. There isn’t much to be said about Pony hand that they don’t say in their music, so basically go check them out. They are playing with Harmonica Lewinski, Rhino, and Pleistocene at The Bug Jar Saturday the 27th.

Absolution Project

A five piece hard rock band Absolution Project mixes a modern hard rock sound with the perfect amount of metal.  Their Melodic guitar riffs and vocals transition well when it gets heavy, and it does get heavy. Absolution Project is a perfect taste of what modern hard rock and roll should be. They will be playing Saturday the 27th at The Montage Music Hall with Beneath Hells Sky and Million Miles From Broadway.

Hot Mayonnaise

Hot Mayonnaise is, with no other way of putting it, just Hot Mayonnaise. They can’t really be defined in any real genre. A mix of punk and stoner rock and just all around balls to the wall rock and roll! They will be playing the Sunday the 28th for the Jucifer CD release tour with Fox 45 at The Bug Jar.