Full for $5: Mitch’s Diner

Full for $5: Mitch’s Diner

Everyone rants and raves about dive bars, I personally like to find dive diners. Simple food done well, laid back, no frills, cheap prices; the type of place you go to start your day or shake off a hangover from the night before. Mitch’s diner on Main St is the epitome of that diner.

Tucked away between a beauty salon and a bodega, and only a small sign and a menu taped to the window advertising its presence Mitch’s is a diner easily missed considering how close it is to the strip of restaurants on East Ave. The interior is fairly humble as well. A few tables line the wall and mismatched stool line up across the bar. The atmosphere is generally a happy one with customers either starting off their day or on their lunch break;  bus drivers and business owners dashing in and out picking up their takeout orders.

The food there is heavenly, as in to die for, but it’s not a place to get egss benedict or crab cakes. It is simple food done right, ranging from breakfast fare of corn beef and hash to lunch options of burgers and stir fry. Whether you’re getting pancakes or eggs and grits you will not be disappointed.

As far as pricing goes, Mitch’s was the inspiration behind the Full for $5 series. Out of the 14 available meals only one is above $5 and even then you are getting steak and eggs for $6.99. Most meals are even under $4, so it is the perfect place to go with a few dollars inyour pocket and a big appitiete.

Mitch’s is not a Park Ave brunch spot, or a place with insane specials or complex food. It is a diner that defines what a diner should be: good places to grab a meal, read the paper, and start a friendly conversation with some good people.