Seven Bands To See This Week

Seven Bands To See This Week

Start October right with these seven shows.

Pink Elephant

The sludgy sound, garage rock, grunge style of Pink Elephant is unique and different, yet full of perfection. Dark, heavy riffs, and intense vocals sang with great emotion and feeling but all with a melodic undertone. Pink Elephant hits you in the face with each song that is perfectly composed. They will be playing Wed the 1st with Heavy Glow, Drippers, and Planet Assassin at The Bug Jar.


Also known as The Best Ever Crew, B.E.C. is a local Hip Hop duo. They mix the old school flow and lyricism with a brand new modern kick to it. They always perform an energetic live show that gets the crowed moving. Each song has tight beats and lyrics that range from getting high, parting, living in Rochester, and working hard to reach the goal of stardom. They will be playing Day one of The Rochester Hip Hop United Fest on Thursday the 2nd. This is also their new album release show.

Right Turn Racer


Right Turn Racer not only has an extremely clever band name but is also undoubting fantastic! With the help of a bad ass violinist, Right Turn Racer, turns their odd acoustic alt rock sound into something completely original and rad. They will be playing Friday the 3rd with Last Minute at The Flower City Station.


Bringing back the 80’s power metal, Magick is fast, intricate and just badass. Shredding guitars, fast drums and bass, haunting lyrics sang with so much power, and of course all the solos you could ever ask for! Enter the realm of doom and badassery with Magick. They will be playing with Terawatt and Moments End on Friday the 3rd at the Montage Music Hall.


Death Metal Vikings that play songs about history and war. If that’s not enough to go see them then I don’t know what to tell you. They will be playing with Throne of Wilderness, Goblin Hovel, and Highest Leviathan on Saturday the 4th at Monteys Krown.

Collin & The Bournes

The long awaited band is playing another show! Classic punk riffs and goofy lyrics perfectly crooned by Collin Bourne himself. The Bournes put on a fun show and every song is easy to sing along to. Collin and his extremely talented Bournes are something everyone should experience. They are playing Saturday the 4th with Attic 39, and Slut Week and WCPC at the California Brew Haus.


Haewa is a fusion rock band that can jam. Guitar riffs that are perfection followed by the grooves of the bass, and powerful drumming that holds together everything nicely. Expect some extremely intricate jamming going on that will blow you away. They are playing with Sprocket at Lovin Cup Saturday the 4th.