Day Tripper The #7

Day Tripper The #7

The #7 is an astounding route to cover because of its sheer length and what it has to offer along its service path.


The route covers Cooper Road and Irondequoit Plaza all the way down North Clinton, through downtown, and up Monroe, either to the Jewish Home, Jewish Community Center or the village of Pittsford. Usually you can hop on one bus and ride straight down to South Main Street in Pittsford, where you can find numerous boutiques, restaurants and shops.

At the corner of State Street you turn right. If you get off here you can take a short walk down to the Erie Canal docks, where there is a small park and benches to sit on to watch the boats go by. On the other side of the canal you will find several restaurants including the Coal Tower. Riding down State Street you will also find a shockingly expensive gas station. In fact, this is one of few places to buy pure unadulterated ethanol free gasoline. Here you may cross over the railroad tracks or wait as the trains pass by.

Down past French Road, you will find the business district of Pittsford, restaurants, bars, shops and of course Pittsford Plaza. Here you can find everything that you will never need, including Barnes and Noble, Stein Mart, Trader Joe’s and the “legendary” Wegmans flagship store, the coolest place to be on earth. Almost everything in this area is as overpriced as it is overrated, like Chipotle.

Just down the road and barely past the Brighton town line you will find Park Ave Bikes and Clover View Plaza. A few hundred yards down from there is a Holiday Inn, where you can take a rest from your perilous journey. Once you decide to continue on, you will find a Salvatore’s Pizza and Clover Lanes. Next to that is one of Rochester’s “premier” Restaurants, Mario’s Italian Steakhouse. Of course if you were able to afford it, you would be driving, so let’s continue on.

You are now entering an area of private residences and open space. Down the road however, you will find Twelve Corners Plaza. Here you can get off and hop on the 18 or 19 up and down Winton Road. At Twelve Corners Plaza you can find the local Great Harvest Bread Co. and its chain store counterpart, Panera. There is also another bike shop by the name of Cycledelic.

The stretch in between Winton and Highland is mostly restaurants and small shops. One of my personal favorites on this stretch is Lipman’s Kosher Mart. Here they have amazing cuts of meat and amazing prepared foods.

Across Highland and into  the city of Rochester and you’ll find many great restaurants, shops bars and venues pocketed in between apartments, side streets and houses. New Ming’s, Jeremiah’s, Park Ave Pets, Monty’s Krown, and Horns and Tails Piercing. Across 490 you will find a library, a chapter of the YMCA, and the SEA Restaurant which I might add, has amazing pho.

Next to SEA, is Rick’s Used Books, where you can find absolutely anything and everything you could ever want to read and then some, provided you know your way around the store or just someone who works there. To the right down the street about 200 feet, you can find the Elab Smoker’s Boutique, where you can find anything for your “tobacco smoking” needs.

The stretch between Oxford and Meigs, be it a relatively short one, contains an insane amount of cool businesses; Dogtown Hots, Plum Garden, Han Noodle, Aaron’s Alley, Poster Art, Texas Blues BBQ, Exscape, Far Out Vintage, Ghost Dog, The Avenue Eatery, The Avenue Pub (ask about their Chicken Hawks), Sol Burrito, Acme Bar, and (more importantly) Pizza, Mark’s Texas Hots, NY Stylee and Nick’s Super Store. Continue traveling down and you will find yourself passing The Bug Jar and entering downtown. Here you are free to venture wherever you’d like with a transfer or two.

Continuing on the 7 up North Clinton Ave you will find yourself passing many vacant buildings, a parking garage, and the Greyhound Amtrak station. North Clinton, a more residential street, may not appear to have much to offer, but is quite the contrary, it provides a vital arterial point between the northern suburbs and the rest of the city. By taking the 7 up Clinton, you end up in the center of Irondequoit, where you can find iconic establishments like The House of Guitars. From the Wegmans on Titus Ave in Irondequoit you can catch the 3 down to Greece, or the 4 down Hudson, in addition to the 7 back down Clinton and up Monroe.