4 News Stories This Week

4 News Stories This Week

The Vatican has confirmed the allegation of molestation against Syracuse priest Monsignor Charles Eckerman. The abuse happened over 30 years ago when Eckerman was a priest at Saint Ann’s in Manlius, the accusation was not learned of by the Roman Catholic Church until last year. Eckerman has since been stripped of his title of priest and kicked out of the church. Via

Two Men broke into a home on Benton Street and restrained the owner of the home Thursday night. The resident managed to escape the bonds, jump out the window, and run for help. The intruders fled the scene before the police could arrive. The resident, who was intoxicated the time of his attack, was taken to Strong Memorial as a precaution. Via

As the complaints of police brutality keep rising the city is now exploring the option of using body cameras to monitor police activity during an arrest. “There’s a war on young black men and we have to do all we can do to end this,” said Rev. Lewis Stewart, president of the United Christian Leadership Ministry of Western New York, Inc., who moderated the forum at the Inner Faith Gospel Tabernacle on York Street on Thursday. Council is exploring the use of “Forfeiture Funds” to fund the cameras but the question still remains if the program is feasible. Via

Hot air balloons don’t have to worry about drones this year at the International Balloon Fiesta. Directors of the event have banned any drone use for a 4 mile radius around the event stating that they ballooners have enough to worry about with power lines, buildings, and other balloons. As the popularity of drones increases local enthusiasts have been more and more worried about the unmanned aircrafts showing up at events. Via